Phronesis Podcast:

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders with Scott Allen

Episode 168: Dr. Lisa DeFrank-Cole & Dr. Sherylle Tan – Women and Leadership: Why it Matters

Today’s organizations need more diversity and inclusion–consider women and leadership as a focus. Lisa has studied leadership for more than 20 years and would enjoy sharing key concepts with your group.

Consider one of these or other topics:

Women and leadership: Why we need women as leaders and the benefits they provide

Historical elements that impact women leaders today: The past has laid the foundation for the challenges (and inspirations) that women leaders see today

Gender identity: Implications of society’s expectations of women and men and how they relate to leaders

Leadership system: Three main elements comprised of leaders, followers, and context make up the system of leadership

Differences across employment sectors: Public, Private, and Social–Women fare better as leaders in some employment sectors than in others.

Barriers to women leaders: Stereotype threat, gender bias, and role expectations…oh my! Hear about the barriers and solutions for the future.

Consequences of inequality: Gender wage gap, recruitment bias, and promotion barriers for women. What are they and how can we overcome them?

Integrating work and family: Division of household responsibilities, caregiving, and emotional labor. Connect the dots and find relief from the pain points.

Developing a leader identity: Do you believe you are a leader? How do you show up to convince yourself and others that you have leadership presence?

Navigating the labyrinth to leadership: Learn how mentors, sponsors, and career paths intersect with interpersonal skills to enhance your influence.

Organizational culture: To achieve gender diversity, promoting a positive culture of inclusion should replace outdated hero-centric models.